Manchester United’s manager Ralph Rangnick has challenged Paul Pogba

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Manchester United‘s acting manager Ralph Rangnick has challenged Paul Pogba, the colorful midfielder. That if he sincerely wants to stay at Old Trafford. So he has to show his form in the last five months to new contract. But if there is no focus would probably go through it

Pogba’s contract expires at the end of June 2022 amid reports the club have offered him a deal from the summer of at least £350,000 – per week – but there has been no response from the world champions’ midfielder because he wants more that.

This event, the 63 -year -old boss took the opportunity to see him return to group training at UFABET Carrington Training Center for more than two and a half months after recovering from a thigh injury. That if the Frenchman still has the heart, it shows and the work will speak instead of word of mouth  

“ Actually, my contract as a manager . The team will expire in the summer. We all have the same goal. We are all ambitious to achieve the best possible results in the next three or four months, ” Rangnick said ahead of the trip to Brentford on January 19.

Ralph Rangnick has challenged Paul Pogba

“ Personally, that’s not a question of whether a player is about to expire. But the question should be how much he still wants to be part of this group of players ? Does he still have feelings of empathy and devotion to the team ?”

” A case like this has been going on for a long time, why should Paul Pogba be caught – now that guy is fit again after a two-and-a-half-month absence – and has to show an example ?” 

“ Let’s just say he still wants to show the fans of Manchester United , the board or the world that he is a player who can do anything. Even if it might be a final release to get a new contract somewhere. That guy was very motivated to do that. ” 

“ So why wouldn’t I send that guy onto the field ? With the current situation there is a difference between how each player reacts – if he handles it professionally. I will definitely send that player to the field until his contract expires in the summer. ” 

Pogba is expected to be fit for another period. By framing the comeback on February 12 , the game meets Southampton .