7 types that may harm  the “kidney” 

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7 types of behaviors that may harm  the “kidney 

  1. eat spicy food

    not just salty taste But spicy food includes food that is very sweet, very spicy, or even very oily. Spicy foods make the kidneys work harder. thus contributing to kidney disease as well as salty foods
  2. do not exercise

    Lack of exercise is the cause of many diseases, including obesity. Fat clogged arteries, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis, heart disease and others, including kidney disease as well.
  3. Drinking too little or too much water

    Drinking less water is also the cause of many diseases. Including kidney disease. Because the kidneys purify the waste in the body. And must use water as a carrier to the filtration of the kidneys until it becomes urine. if drinking too much water Kidneys will work too hard. But if drinking too little water (which is more likely) will cause the urine to be dark in color. which is not good for the kidneys and urinary bladder
  4. work too hard

    Believe it or not, overwork can also cause kidney disease. Because when the body lacks sufficient rest. The internal organs of the body will not restore. And fully self-repairing as well When organs that purify waste in the body such as the kidneys do not stop working It can make the kidneys deteriorate easily.
  5. Stress

    Stress often comes with hard work. If very stressed The body will not be able to fully rest as well. In addition. When we stress We will breathe oxygen into the body. In order to raise different parts not fully. And the kidneys affected by stress.
  6. ready meal

    Although you may say that you are not a salt eater. But if you revolve around instant noodles. Lunch box in a convenience store canned food or even soft drinks, sodas and certain types of beverages You will be taking high amounts of sodium into your body without you realizing it. So eat less.
  7. high blood pressure

    If anyone already has symptoms of high blood pressure. The more likely to follow by kidney disease at http://ufabet999.com. Because if left to continue to be high pressure. Without rushing treatment High blood pressure damages the blood vessels in the kidneys. Cause kidney damage or call “Temporary Kidney Failure” 

Eat sweet + eat oily + eat salty + high blood pressure, risk of kidney failure

Most people tend to understand that the cause of ‘kidney disease’ comes from eating salty foods alone. But did you know that eating foods. That are sweet or oily, plus the behavior of people. Especially city people who work hard, stress and don’t like to exercise? Often eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, work hard, sleep late and wake up early. This results in high blood pressure that is the precursor to kidney disease.

It often comes with high blood pressure and obesity. 

Which in the latter This is more and more common. Which is the source kidney disease found by quantity. If explained to understand ‘diabetes’ is a disease cause by having high blood sugar. Accumulated uncontrolled for 10 – 20 years or more may cause arteriosclerosis. If there is a narrowing of the blood vessels in the kidneys, it will eventually lead to kidney failure. As for having high blood pressure if left for a long time. The blood vessels within the kidneys will destroyed. But it is different from ‘acute renal failure’. Which in most cases causes shock When there is no blood supply to the kidneys The kidneys will stop functioning, known as ‘temporary kidney failure’. If treated within 1-2 weeks, there is still a chance that the kidneys will be able to recover to normal function.

How can ‘kidney disease’ treat?

In medicine, there are 4 main ways to treat kidney disease, including ..

  1. Appropriate examination and diagnosis of kidney disease: in order to provide accurate and fast treatment. Physicians must be skilled in examining and diagnosing patients at risk of developing kidney disease accurately from the early stages. Therefore, there will be an opportunity for patients to receive better treatment. But if you are still not sure that this disease just have doubts It is advisable to have a way to see a doctor for examination and diagnosis on a regular basis.
  2. Treatment by looking at the true cause of kidney disease : when the true cause of the disease is found Your doctor may start treating kidney stones, stopping nephrotoxic medications, controlling diabetes and high blood pressure. In order to do this, the patient must cooperate with the treating physician on a regular basis. together with the appropriate medication for each type of nephrotic syndrome thus making the treatment the best result
  3. Treatment helps to slow down the deterioration of the kidneys: although the doctor will treat the cause of the kidney disease is important. but in some patients Or it may be counted as a lot of kidney function that has deteriorated more than usual. Because some tissue may be destroyed. The remaining good has to work harder than usual. This causes kidney deterioration more easily over time and eventually may cause failure. Your doctor may recommend a diet to suit the rest of your function, taking medications to help adjust substances. That is toxic to the kidneys, controlling blood pressure to a better level