“Hacking ears” in the right way and how often is best

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Hacking ears” in the right way and how often is best. Itchy ears don’t know what’s wrong But if too much earwax. It may time to have your ears vaccinated. But this seemingly common practice It also needs to be done the right way. If you’re not careful, you may risk causing accidents that will damage your ears. Or why not do it right? Hello, doctor, I’ll tell you the right way to dig your ears by สมัคร ufabet.

Why do you have to dig your ears?

Earwax is created by our bodies by the accumulation of dirt, bacteria, or tiny bits of debris. pile up until it resembles wax, or as we call it, earwax

Earwax can usually be removed through a natural mechanism of the body known as locomotion. Especially the movements of the jaw organs, such as chewing food, sucking water, blowing, or even talking. But it may take a while for the wax to come out of the ear.

Therefore, the best way to get rid of earwax is through ear digging. Because if you let the earwax accumulate a lot and continue. will affect the accumulation of dirt on the body may affect hearing and can damage personality as well

How to properly dig ears

Ear-cleaning requires the art of ear-cleaning, just like carving or other handicrafts. Because if you pick too hard, you risk injury. If it’s too light, you may not be able to completely remove the wax. Therefore, in order to ensure that the ear is safe and correct according to the principles of ear cleaning.

Your best bet is to see an ear specialist. In order to receive care and cleaning of the ears as accurately and safely as possible, however, if unable to see a doctor You can still follow the steps below at home easily. 

  1. Start by cleaning the external ear. The front and back of the ears
  2. Use a dropper or dropper. Drop a few drops of baby oil or hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide) into the ear canal. This will keep the earwax moist and soft. can be easily removed
  3. Tilt your head to one side and gently insert the cotton swab or pick into the ear bit by bit.
  4. When the earwax has been extracted as much as possible Clean the ears with clean water or baby oil again. then wipe dry

Precautions when cleaning the ears by yourself

care about equipment

If you choose to use cotton swabs to clean your ears. Should check the tightness of the cotton as well. This will prevent the cotton from sticking out of the swab while you are picking your ears. including checking the strength of the cotton swabs If the cotton swab is not strong Risk of being broken or bent too easily, should not use. Because accidents may occur while picking ears.

liquid for use on the ear

Can be purchased at general pharmacies. both baby oil Or hydrogen peroxide, when dripping, should be dripped with a dropper. To be able to drop these liquids down to the ear canal at the point. Caution is to drip only a little. Because if too much can cause problems with water in the ear or fluid in the ear

Moreover People with allergies, such as allergy to baby oil allergic to hydrogen peroxide should be avoided and use other liquids instead

applied force

Should use the right force. not too light or too strong Because if exerting too much There is a risk of irritating the ear. Or it may be to compress the ear wax deeper than before.


An ear-wiping environment is essential and should not be overlooked. Ears should be cleaned in a place that is free from traffic by people or pets. should be a calm place This will prevent anyone from running or bumping into you while you are cleaning your ears. because of the risk of serious harm If you fall to one side with the cotton swab still in your ear

How often should we dig our ears?

Earwax, even though it’s dirt created by the body. but it is beneficial to the ears as well Because earwax helps filter impurities that enter the ear canal. Prevents the ear canal from drying out causing itching. It also helps to fight bacteria in the ear as well.

In fact, we don’t even need to dig our ears. Because the body has a mechanism to get rid of the earwax by itself. through the movement of the jaw when chewing food or when moving the jaw But with a time that is too slow for the earwax to completely move out. The earwax may already congeste and fill the ear canal. which having a lot of earwax can affect hearing as well. Therefore, we need to have an ear waxing in case the earwax is too much.

However, there is no clear recommendation on how often to dig out the ears. Therefore, it may be necessary to rely on simple observations. is to examine the ear to see if there is a lot of earwax flowing out clearly to the front of the ear or not Or do you feel. That you have lost your hearing lately? Or do you feel that something is blocked in your ear? If there is one symptom that makes you feel that you need to dig your ears. You can dig your ears and clean them straight away.