El Ghazi doesn’t regret anti-war posts.

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Anwar El Ghazi surprised Mainz by posting sports that he had no regrets or remorse for his stance against war and violence.

Mainz forward Anwar El Ghazi insists he has no regrets or remorse for his posts about the war between Israel and Hamas. Leaving his club surprised by the player’s decision. Kicked quite a bit. According to a report from Build last Wednesday.  ทางเข้า UFABET

El Ghazi received a warning and a temporary suspension for his stance on Israel’s war with Hamas. Before the 28-year-old was cleared to return to training on Monday. After expressing remorse, El Ghazi posted another message on Instagram on Wednesday.

Insisting he had no regrets or remorse.

‘To avoid doubt My statement on 27 October 2023 is my only. And final statement to FSF Mainz 05 and the public regarding my social media posts in recent weeks Passed by’ 

‘Any statements, comments or apologies that. Contradict me are factually incorrect and were not made or authorized by me. My position remains the same as when I started this.’

‘I am against war and violence, oppose the killing of innocent civilians. And I oppose all forms of discrimination. I oppose Islamophobia and oppose anti-Semitism, oppose genocide, oppose apartheid, And I am against the occupation and oppose oppression’ 

‘I do not owe any special responsibility to any state. And do not believe that any person or state is above question and responsibility. And is not above international law’

‘There is no justification for the killing of more than 3,000 children in the Gaza Strip in the past three weeks. I and we as a world can reasonably remain silent. We must demand an immediate end to the killings in Gaza.’ El Ghazi posted.

Mainz’s official social media page issued a statement following El Ghazi’s latest post. saying: ‘The club will legally investigate the issue and make an assessment. The player registered sick on Monday. And is not currently part of training activities’