Jurgen Klopp revealed his preparations ahead of the Carabao Cup

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp ‘s assistant Pep Leinders has revealed his preparations ahead of the UFABET Carabao Cup clash with Arsenal this thursday.

Liverpool are scheduled to visit Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium in the Carabao Cup. Semi-finals, second leg on Thursday After the first game at Anfield, having only drawn 0-0. The chances of both teams reaching the finals to meet Chelsea are still open. Leinders, who sat at a press conference on the readiness ahead of Klopp’s trip to the Emirates Stadium, said: “The previous match [against Brentford] we had 68 per cent of the ball, chances. 27 shots, 13 shots on target, one of our good performances. 

We always analyze the game and look at the next game.” “We know what we want. Obviously we want to win at Arsenal now whether it’s 90 minutes, 120 minutes or penalties. We want to win this game.”

Klopp’s right-hand man insists Liverpool have enough attacking variety. Not too attached to Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane, convinced him to attack Arsenal and win. “We had one of the most memorable games without them [Salah and Mane] when we had our team. 

Especially after last year We know we have to build a variety of weapons.” “We knew we wanted to create goals from all areas. Open the last ball from all areas Dribbling from all areas Launch offensive games from all areas. It’s not just a quick counterattack or speed from these two.” “Of course, they are our attacking line. 

They set a lot of direction in our game. But what I like is We don’t just have great weapons. We have a variety of attacks. The way we develop as a team And improving our positioning in our game is important, I really like it.”