Lets try Online Dragon Tiger

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Lets try Online Dragon Tiger

Lets try Online Dragon Tiger. What is Drago tiger game ? Currently at casino games develop rapidly Until sometimes a lot of new games come up by  ทางเข้า UFABET . Where we able to keep up make many of you no worried and wondering which games are good which games are bad. Else Some games have been observed that created by program and only want to eat money. Because of the negative currents that occur in abundance Due to non-standard web agents to cause disgrace.

But for the Dragon Tiger rule That’s completely different. This game has been around for a long time. Before entering the online system Dragon Tiger History start in china It is a game that has been played for a long time. Since ancient times and abroad Dragon Tiger Casino It is another popular game. in a real casino because foreigners admit that This game is easy to play. Don’t need to understand a lot. Don’t take too much time to play.

Make the dragon tiger online pantip grow well in the real casino. 

In the online system It must be admitted that this type of game is still inferior to baccarat. Because baccarat has an advantage in the form of betting. That is more diverse Can be more flexible, but at present. Dragon Tiger Online Mobile has developed until now. There’s almost nothing different now.

How does the Dragon Tiger play? In fact, I must say that How to play Dragon Tiger game is quite simple and can be learned within a short time. Because the game is designed to have a concept. that can play fast money Play for easy money, finish quickly, can give returns within a few betting games. Today we will introduce in depth as follows.

Counting the points, dragons, tigers, that are the same as general cards, that is

  • A = 1 point
  • 2 – 10 = count the points according to the face number of the cards
  • J = 11 points
  • Q = 12 points
  • K = 13 points

How to stab a dragon tiger

 I must say that If anyone has been through the game of baccarat or bounced Don’t worry about anything. Because almost nothing is different, just the point that you need to know. But if anyone has never played We have summarized them into 7 easy-to-understand editions as follows.

  1. Two cards are dealt to each side, based on the principle of point counting competition.
  2. The flowers cannot be used to measure the size of the cards.
  3. Get-lose money according to the amount of bets
  4. If you bet “always” and the result is not always You will lose half of your bet immediately.
  5. If the bet is always, then the result is always drawn. Get 8x plus prize money
  6. Bet on even-odd results as well, measured by the result of the score. whether it is an even number or an odd number
  7. Starting at 10 baht, up to 5,000 baht per stick.

I have to say how to really play then very easy to understand The more you read our 7 points summary, you will understand the principle of the game immediately. By the game, if you are interested in playing. Very easy to find, just Access to any casino page Will look for the menu Dragon Tiger or tiger, dragon, or some camps may use the word dragon, tiger.