Nunez scores beautifully! Liverpool win over Bournemouth 2-1.

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Liverpool defeated Bournemouth 2-1 in the Carabao Cup Round 4 last night. With Darwin Nunez scoring a beautiful winning goal.

At Vitality Stadium it was the Carabao Cup Round 4 game between the Cherries and the Reds.

Playing up to the 14th minute, it was the home team’s first chance when Justin Kluivert pulled the trigger to save Cwimin Kelleher UFABET 

But in the 30th minute, Liverpool took a 1-0 lead from a corner kick that was blocked. Harvey Elliott counter shot and was the only one who rushed to save Yonut Radu. But Cody Kakpo made no mistake. 

In the 35th minute, the visiting team narrowly took the lead. But Dominic Szoboszlai’s shot flicked the post just a little.

Not long into the second half, Bournemouth almost equalized. But Alex Scott’s shot unfortunately went off target.

The hosts equalized in the 64th minute from a corner kick on the left. Alex Scott’s shot deep at the far post, Justin Kluivert’s header to make it 1-1. 

However, Liverpool took a 2-1 lead in the 70th minute. When Darwin Nunez ripped to receive the ball on the left before moving inside and spinning with his right. Sending the ball into the net in a very beautiful way.

At the end of the game, Liverpool defeated Bournemouth 2-1 and successfully advanced to the quarter-finals.