Pep Guardiola sees every game as the final 10 of the Premier League.

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Pep Guardiola manager of the Manchester City team. On the system of the idea for his subordinates to look at all 10 games at the end of the English Premier League. A final match because otherwise. They would have to cry because of the vice sergeant. The Liverpool crowd, the rear stabbing device have already competed for the title.

‘ Blue Sails ‘ ahead of   ‘ Reds ‘ by 6 points, but played more than one match. There will also be a direct scoring game next month. Which UFABET will likely play a part in determining the number 1 in the British Isles in the end.   

For this reason.

Pep Guardiola who knows Liverpool ‘s ancestry , is in the midst of a near-impossible drop-off. Therefore, City ‘s players must rely on their superior point advantage. Just concentrate on your own work, keep your head down and keep winning. will achieve its own goals  

“ It was always like that. When we go into the last 10 matches of the English Premier League , I tell our subordinates to look at every game like a final. ” said at a press conference before meeting Crystal Palace ( 14 March ).

“ When you have 55 games left it doesn’t work for that idea – but with  the last 10 games it can be said that every match is a final. ” 

“ The teams we faced at the start of the season were all good. ” 

” And facing Palace is always difficult, home games , away games – always asthmatic. “

“ They have competitive intentions , high press intentions. Just like in the Roy Hodgson cunning fight before, the defensive discipline was really tight in the box. ” 

“ Their last eight games have performed well. Because manager Patrick Vieira knows the English Premier League perfectly. ” 

“ That doctor is one of the best midfielders of all time in this league. He knows the nature of the racetrack , the nature of the media. and the smell of competition in the league. ”

” It’s a good advantage and I’m happy to have a duel like that. ” 

Asian Handicap gives Man City a half -time -10 at Selhurst Park away , three goals -5 on aggregate.