Simone Inzaghi thinks Inter Milan deserves to win 

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Inter Milan coach Simone Inzaghi thinks the team deserves to win and would like to give the championship to the fans of the football club.

Inter thrashed Juventus 2-1 in extra time in the Italian Super Cup on Wednesday. After a 1-1 draw in normal time, the Nerazzurri won the championship.

“We have faced strong teams that play like Juve. They don’t create many opportunities like us But victory deserves a duel against a great opponent.

“Juve are always in the game. They let us rule the game. But we found that playing them was never easy. I’m fortunate to have had experience in the past that I’ve had to face them on this show. We won our first championship in front of our fans. So I’m very happy. 

“Everybody wants to play, Roberto Gagliardini was one of the best players in Lazio at the weekend. But he didn’t play today. so i have to choose

“Lautaro Martinez and Edin Dzeko worked really hard, Vidal made a ripple effect and DiMarco played a big part in scoring. We really want to win. Because Inter haven’t won this tournament since 2010 and 12 years is too long for these fans.

What a dumb ending

There were two very simple options for Alex Sandro as the clock crept towards the 120th minute and Inter Milan were likely on the final attack of extra time.

  1. Clear the ball.
  2. Head it back to your goalkeeper.

Alex Sandro, in all of his infinite wisdom, chose Door No. 3.

A report from UFABET What does Door No. 3 entail? Well, first you chest the ball that was just sent in by an opposing player to a teammate. Then said teammate is immediately caught in trouble, turns it over and somebody like, say Inter Milan’s Alexis Sanchez, jumps on the ball in the six-yard box and scores the game-winning goal with only seconds remaining, thus preventing the penalty shootout that you were clearly playing for because your team is gassed from never taking place.