Type of the fishing online game

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Type of the fishing online game are divided into 2 categories:

  1. General fish used to collect points by small fish. will kill in a few times. But if the fish is big, They will use more ammunition.
  2. Item fish, we will be able to see item fish that are different from other fish. That is, usually have a circle of light around it. Sometimes it is a crab or some jellyfish, which if able to kill Will get a special gun or attack items randomly within the scene immediately, so many players may fight to shoot the fish.

Each type of fish will have different credits, and each fish shooting game will give different credit scores for each fish. Some fish give a fixed payout, some give a random payout.

Therefore, it is always advised to study the credit of each fish before entering ทางเข้า UFABET the field for a method of calculating the credit score payout in the event of a fish kill. “Amount wagered x payout ratio of manageable fish = amount to be received”

Techniques for playing fishing online games

Number 1, in the event that we do not have a lot of budget.  We should set the ammunition at 1 baht per shot is enough, but if we set too many, it will consume all our money.

Number 2, choose to shoot fish born close to us first.

Number 3 should use a machine gun to shoot fish is the best because the laser gun There will be a target locking system, unable to select a target to shoot by itself.

You can try playing slots and fish shooting games for free. If you are interested, you can apply for membership. At the website, simply fill in all the information as specified by us.

The registration information cannot be edited. Please verify the information is correct before submitting.

As for the objective of the fish shooting game. That is, you all have to destroy all kinds of fish, both small and large, clownfish / snapper / whales, etc., as well as sea creatures. Such as turtles / corals / Crab / shellfish or hedgehog

You have to shoot and kill them all. Do not leave any remains because all are valuable assets. Gold coins and prizes are hidden in the fish. Each fish has a different score and payout rate. This part, every You can see the details of the game at all.

Of course, all income The more you fire them, the easier your chances of getting rewards. And each time you complete a mission, defeat them with a reloaded turret exist